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Use of hydraulic pumps in wind turbine technology

Climate change has become a buzzword for more than a decade now but as years pass by, things are becoming worse than they were before. This is the reason why researchers, scientists and engineers around the globe are working hard to find alternative solutions to help stop climate change. This can only be possible if the world will be able to decrease its levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide that is produced through the use of fossil fuels.

wind turbine technology

Wind turbines are good sources of alternative energy that is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly. Climate change and global warming activists support wind power as a source of electricity to some towns and cities around the world because of the said advantages. However, the technology behind wind turbines is still developing—engineers and researchers are still improving it and minimizing the errors. They have also found out that the maintenance of the wind turbines is quite pricey. This is why they have been looking at optimizing hydraulic pumps and combining it with the current technology to create a more efficient and economical way to produce energy.

Incorporating hydraulic pumps and drives to large wind turbines is still a developing process. Engineers and researchers are still improving the technology since they have to combine the nacelles and the turbine’s motors with the hydraulic pumps and drive to produce reliable clean and renewable energy.

On the other hand, there are some companies like Hydac Pumps that serves the  wind power industry. The company offers filtration services, monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication oils, performing test rigs for the transmission, checking and monitoring the oil cleanliness and transmission and generator cooling.

The idea of hydraulic pumps being combined with the wind turbine technology is going to be great if developed. A lot of people, not only those who are living in this generation but also those in the upcoming generations, will benefit a lot from this.