Greenfleet and nib reducing carbon emissons

Our planet has felt the pain of significant and lasting changes in weather patterns for many years, especially in Australia where extreme events and disasters have occurred due to climate change.

Australia’s very own environment charity Greenfleet is working to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help avoid these issues. Greefleet is a not- for-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping the Australian community reduce the environmental impact of travel, business and lifestyle choices by adopting low-carbon alternatives and biosequestration.

GreenFleet – environmental charity

Over the last 15 years Greenfleet has built up some of the biggest brand names in Australia with many households and small businesses supporting the organisation to create a low-carbon future.

One of their many supporters is health insurance and travel insurance company nib. Nib have a procedure where each travel insurance policy that is sold, they will plant a tree through Greenfleet. This is great for the environment to carbon emissions and demonstrates that nib is committed to take action on climate change for the local environment.

We recommend supporting these types of organisations such as GreenFleet to help create a better future for the environment.

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